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Don't get me wrong, I've probably busted more loads to her than any other star, but I genuinely think she's done and nothing more will come of it.

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Palsy hand pimp set up a mainstream porn shoot in CA for Claire but she never went to do the shoot.

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her face might actually be considered to be more "conventionally beautiful" than Claire but that's not what we love about Claire, rather we love her unconventional, girl next door, cute as a button beauty.

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Ultimately that needs some backing up, because if you guys took the time to think of what a long haul it has been for her to make a new life, all the turmoil and changes caused by her alter ego and the escape from Phoenix, the marriage announced in this thread by poster U.


SCHOOL BAND I didn't word it correctly, I mean, she faced so much repression and control through her life, it shows in how she was doing multiple things like ballet, and keeping perfect grades at the same time, that doesn't happen without some serious parental helicoptering.

Claire Evans

It was confirmed that Claire was Girl 12 in the Spytug video series.

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It continues, and I'm sure plenty have made efforts to keep tabs on her, which isn't hard really.
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Subsequent to Db's post, Claire herself posted a number of videos explaining how she came to be involved in making porn and the reasons she quit.

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Which is why I'm looking for hopefully more of an insider refresh on some things.