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" DisOrientations challenges this viewpoint.

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La question du retour Heimkehr• Weder 'Antifa-Film' noch 'nationaler Heldenfilm' : Erich Kuby und die Wandlungen des Filmprojekts die Geschwister Haller• Die 1960er, 70er Jahre : Die 'Gastarbeiter'• Fifteen prominent scholars explore how German Studies engages with Holocaust memory and representation, pursuing critical questions concerning the borders between the two fields and how they are impacted by emerging scholarly methods, new areas of inquiry, and the changing place of Holocaust memory in contemporary Germany.
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Their scope, mastery, and sense of urgency constitute a comprehensive Kulturkampf culture war against Nazi barbarism.
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Feuilletonistische Popdiskurs-Miniaturen aus den 1980er Jahren• Im Tunnel mit Bernhard Kellermann : "der Tunnel" 1913• Landkarte und Heldentod : Horst Langes Ulanenpatrouille 1940• Citing four autobiographies published by black German authors Hans Jurgen Massaquo, Theodor Michael, Gunter Kaufmann, and Charly Graf, Layne considers how black German men have related to hegemonic masculinity since Nazi Germany, and concludes with a discussion on the work of black German poet, Philipp Khabo Koepsell.

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source: Nielsen Book Data Online• Befunde zwischen Hurra-Patriotismus und Kriegskritik• Feldbeobachtungen : die Literatur der 1980er-Jahre im Zeichen der Endzeit• Whether creative practitioners or academics, contributors consider the broader literary and intellectual contexts and traditions shaping GDR literature and culture in a way that enriches our understanding of reunification and its legacy.

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Revisited Spaces: Repositionings and Points of Encounter.
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source: Nielsen Book Data Online• Non Fiction 3 African American 2 Blood 2 Murder 2 Police 2 Reenactment 2 Abuse 1 Abusive Husband 1 Abusive Relationship 1 Accountability 1 Adultery 1 African American Woman 1 Alcohol 1 All Lives 1 Baltimore 1 Bare Chested Male 1 Beach 1 Beach Party 1 Bicycle Police 1 Blood Drinking 1 Church 1 Clipboard 1 Concealed Nudity 1 Cross 1 Decapitation 1 Delinquent 1 Drinking 1 Drunkenness 1 Ends With Biographical Notes 1 Fall 1 Female Police Officer 1 Female Protagonist 1 Foot Massage 1 Gore 1 Group 1 Gun 1 Hip Hop 1 Hospital 1 Husband Wife Relationship 1 Independent Film 1 Infidelity 1 Jack Daniels 1 Juvenile Delinquent 1 Killer 1 Kiss 1 Ladder 1 Lesbian Kiss 1 Lifeguard 1 Lingerie 1 Los Angeles California 1 Low Budget Film 1 Luffa 1 Mercedes 1 Nude Man Shackled To A Pole 1 One Word Title 1 Pepper Spray 1 Pillow Fight 1 Pizza 1 Plus Woman Wearing A Bustier 1 Pod Of Dolphins 1 Poker 1 Police Officer 1 Police Siren 1 Policeman 1 Public Male Nudity 1 Push Ups 1 Rap 1 Restore Trust 1 Robber Wearing A Ski Mask 1 Rose 1 Rose Petals 1 Sex 1 Sex With Clothes On 1 Shovel 1 Siren 1 Snake 1 Stolen Car 1 Subway 1 Teenager 1 Thong 1 Underwear 1 Urban Setting 1 Vampire 1 Vampire Girl 1 Vampire Sex 1 Waitress Wearing A String Bikini 1 Wallet 1 Woman Covered In Seaweed 1 Woman In A Bubble Bath 1 Woman Rides On A Man's Back 1 Woman Wearing A One Piece Swimsuit 1 Wood 1 Wooden Stake 1.

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In mainstream culture, however, the women of the period are still predominantly depicted as the victims of a violent twentieth century whose atrocities were committed by men.
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Komplexe Verwandlungen : der Magische Realismus• source: Nielsen Book Data Online• Der Zweite Weltkrieg Schreiben, Verlegen und Lesen unter deutscher Besatzung• Geschichte in der Postmoderne : Geschichte nach der Postmoderne• The Holocaust in German Studies in the North American and the German contexts• Based on a wealth of archival material and enhanced by more than a hundred illustrations, it provides a new perspective on the historical thought of Imperial and Weimar Germany and the formation of a concept that is still with us today.
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Radical poetry ; Ponge and the plant's immobility ; Into thin air: Celan's "radix, matrix" ; Guillevic's radical trying ; The awkward human: Levertov and ecological alienation• Methodische Vorbemerkung : 'Weltuntergang' oder 'Apokalypse'? Komisch gereihter Schrecken van Hoddis• Autorschaft im Namen der 'jungen Generation'• Yet in both countries there were writers who continued to publish imaginative literature that did not conform to Nazi precepts: the authors of the so-called Inner Emigration.