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3 weeks ago 08:00 , , , ,• Skype on March 9, 2012 with Brent Spiner, Terrance Jenkins, Gail, Jesus Christ.

Videos Forbidden or Not at YouTube

1 year ago 05:39 ,• 3 years ago 1:59:35 forbidden• and a bonus - gay animal sex vids ready to download! When Gail discusses animals in her video, she is referring to how Sara eats LIVE animals, like household cats, and is not condemning those who are NOT vegetarians.

Forbidden Mature Tube. Mature porn site. Milf sex porn movies. Free mom boy porn tube.

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Jan. 2, 2012 Skype Communications (Brent Spiner’s Christmas Present to Gail) , . 30 minutes each. Date: Jan. 4, 2012. Synopsis: Cassette tape recording (poor quality) between Gail Chord Spiner, Brent Spiner (Gail reads Brent’s writing off of Skype), Terrance Jenkins about Christmas present from Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and her men.

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. 28 minutes. Date: February 23, 2012. Synopsis: I describe how Jesus appeared to me and my men to rescue us from Satan, how Satan and the antiChrist (Zack Knight) appeared, how I imagined making love to Jesus. Jesus made a special Skype visit with me through Brent Spiner to warn me that He would never use any computer/satellite technology to communicate with me in any manner, and that I must never, ever trust these as valid from Him. The antiChrist Zack Knight took over my imaginations posing as Jesus Christ using brilliant mind control technology. After the antiChrist tricked me, I imagine lovemaking with Brent Spiner, and never imagine lovemaking with Jesus (which Jesus stated emphatically He does NOT want me to do). God gave me a promise about Brent in Isaiah 66:7-9 around 1992 that Brent and I would have a millennial marriage. The music in the background reflects the song “Somewhere” God gave me in 1992 about my love for Brent Spiner. Rating: Jesus Christ inspired MASTERPIECE.

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21 minutes. Date: Dec. 20, 2011. Synopsis: Asking for prayer to defeat the Satanic Jesuit Order, who strive to kill me and my men.

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