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29 Sex Questions

Would you rather find true love with no sex or never find true love but be able to have sex whenever you wanted? Have you ever had sex on the beach? We have a digital OR printable option that kick off the theme of the date perfectly.

The 40 Best This or That Questions Ever

Who else would you trust with intimacies than your partner? How much honesty do you need in a relationship? Would you rather hook up with your neighbor or your accountant? Would you rather come after one minute or take an hour to come every time? Have you ever had anal sex? If you could be any animal, what would you be? Would you say you have any secret fetishes? Would you like to get a blowjob in the car? Would you rather swallow or spit? If you and your partner are meant for each other, you should be able to talk about everything.

90 sex 'would you rather' questions to ask your partner or friends

What does sex mean to you? Would you rather have sex to the same song every day or never have sex with music on? When last did you wake up with a hard-on? What do you wish you were really good at? Do you find yourself more during sex? How important is religion in your life? I hate my new nighties; can you come and rip it off me? Netflix and chill or go out with friends? Do you judge people before you get to know them? Board games are so much fun when you have to lie to people.

20 Sexy Date Night Questions

What are some unfulfilled things in your life? Not the drink 😉 35.

50 Romantic Questions to Get to Know Your Spouse

Do you like spooning in bed? These are also lots of fun to ask with friends.

50 Sexy Questions To Ask A Girl If You Want To Know What She’s Like In Bed

Would you rather date someone boring with whom you always have multiple orgasms or date someone exciting with whom you never orgasm? News flash: You've been playing the game 'Would You Rather? Creative Conversation Starters The Dating Game can provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends, as well as provide creative new questions for you to use on dates.

77 Exciting Dating Game Questions

Keep reading for 150 dirty 'Would You Rather' questions that'll make things interesting no matter who's playing, all according to experts.

100+ Fun Relationship Questions for Couples

Would you rather be with someone clean-shaven or big and bushy down below? What are your best qualities? Do you feel that we make each other better people? How do you define success? What do you remember most about our first kiss?.

150 Dirty, Sexy 'Would You Rather' Questions for Couples and More

Would you rather shop for sex toys or lingerie? Would you rather take nudes or send nudes? Would you rather sleep with your ex or someone in this room? Would you rather be naked in front of your ex again or the person to your left? If we were out for dinner and I said I wanted to have sex right now, what would you do? Would you rather get to know someone new or hang out with an old friend? What sex position would you like to try? What would you change about yourself? Although you may share a lot with your friends, there are things that you could only share with your significant other.

Sexual Questions To Ask A Guy To Turn Him On

Ice cream or french fries? Do you see a glass-half-empty or half-full? Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Check out some of our 4.

150 Dirty, Sexy 'Would You Rather' Questions for Couples and More

Netflix and chill or YouTube date night 37.

70 sex questions to ask your partner, from the dirty to the flirty

What do you think of when you masturbate? Would you rather keep me a secret or share me with the world? What is your wildest fantasy? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you prefer to be dominant or submissive? What would you want me to do to you? Would you rather have me send you nudes in the morning or at night? What do I do that turns you on the most? If we were together right now, what would you do to me? Would you ever make a sex tape? If you want a lasting and fun relationship with a guy, you need to be creative and spontaneous.