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Why do women lie more than men? Because we’re ‘nicer’

The former are uttered by people who are into themselves, arrogant and possibly narcissistic.

Why Do Men Lie? 10 Common Lies & What They Mean

64 per cent of women regularly lie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram• His friends He'll talk about his friends, but he won't mention if some of them are particularly troublesome.

15 Common Lies That Women Tell Men More Often than Wed like to Admit ...

The number one reason why he lies is to help you maintain your idealized version of him.

15 Common Lies That Women Tell Men More Often than Wed like to Admit ...

Sometimes bad sex is a no-fault proposition.

Men and women

The information was published as part of a wider five year project by Sydney advertising agency, The Works, to quantify levels of deceit online.

Who lies more, men or women?

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Men and women

Some of them are totally harmless, while others could be potentially damaging for a relationship.

10 Common Lies Men Tell Women On A First Date

What to do if you think a man is lying to you It's important to trust your intuition.

Top lies men and women tell revealed as study shows most deceitful social media users

The problem is, those type of men are very few and far between In my experience, women tend to lie more- being nice to their face, but not to other people about them, about someone not being something more, oh that looks great on you when it really doesn't, little white lies, manipulating people-, and it makes me a little nervous about pursuing a relationship.

Who lies more, men or women?

He makes himself unavailable and aloof.

Which gender 'Lies' more, Men Or Women? Or is it 50/50?

Or are we both guilty of this sin that will not just ruin our marriage but also our family? Men: I didn't have that much to drink Nothing's wrong, I'm fine I had no signal cell phone It wasn't that expensive I'm on the way I'm stuck in traffic No, your butt doesn't look big in that Sorry, I missed your call You've lost weight It's just what I've always wanted Women: Nothing's wrong, I'm fine I don't know where it is, I haven't touched it It wasn't that expensive I didn't have that much to drink I've got a headache It was in the sale I'm on my way Oh, I've had this ages No, I didn't throw it away It's just what I've always wanted According to the survey, British men lied to their partners most often about their drinking habits while women mostly lied to hide their true feelings.